Tuesday, 13 November 2012

I am now a Mrs!

Life has finally calmed down a little, we've moved house, settled various rodents and furry critters into the new house and unpacked a bit.

I have some new furry family members to introduce you to as well. Remember last time I posted we were going to meet some kittens? Well it was love at first sight and Walle and Ebony came to live with us. They are real characters; Walle is crazy and playful and very cuddly - I would have unpacked far more if I didn't have to evict a kitten from my lap whenever I wanted to do something! Ebony is much more of a free spitir, everything is on her terms. As far as we can tell, this means that we have to leave her to do her own thing until she actually wants attention, at which point we must stop what we are doing immediately and pet her. Of course Ebony wanting attention generally occurs when I'm trying to go to sleep, or actually sleeping. Frustrating feline!

Since Ebony refused to pose for us, here's a picture of Walle looking cute:

We also ended up with another furry friend a week later:

This is Muffin. He is a rabbit. Definitely a rabbit. And not a novelty slipper as some people have suggested. And yes, that is the front. I saw him advertised on a free ad site and decided to have a look, and of course fell in love with him and decided he needed to come and live with me where he would get lots of love and the regular grooming he needs.

Then, on saturday, something much more exciting even than kittens and bunnies happened - I got married!

I started the day with a full english breakfast in bed, then had pink fizz and got ready with my bridesmaids. I had my something new, my wedding dress, and my something old, a horseshoe brooch which my Mum's granny lent to her on her wedding day:
And my something blue was a little heart embroidered into the lining of my dress by my Mum:

It really was the happiest day of my life, from seeing Ben waiting for me as I walked in, to relaxing in our amazing canopied bed in the wedding suite. I don't think I stopped smiling all day and we spent the evening dancing to a playlist of some of our favourite songs with all of our favourite people.