Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Back to work :(

I’ had a great week off work and I’m really wishing I had a bit longer before I had to go back! It was my birthday on Wednesday, I spent it quietly this year and celebrated with a lovely Italian meal with Ben. The restaurant was gorgeous, I could almost have believed I was in Italy. I also received a set of interchangeable knitting needles from Ben, he knew I've been wanting a set for ages :)

Saturday was spent enjoying the unexpected sunshine – the weather forecast here is for rain for the whole of July, I am considering building an Ark! We went to a little bird of prey centre a few miles away, it was very interactive and we got opportunities to experience handling all of the birds. I’m very pleased with these photos I took, a grumpy looking falcon and a hawk who was watching us right back: 

I have had chance to do some crafting this week. I’ve been rediscovering my love of felt making these badges for Craftster’s felt badge swap, I can't wait to hear what my partner thinks of them:

Finally I have some sad news this week, we had to say goodbye to the gorgeous Kammi who we took to the vets for the last time on Friday. He was 2 years old and we adopted him a year ago. He introduced himself by sinking his teeth deep into Ben’s finger and refusing to let go. We had him neutered and with a little time and patience he became a gorgeous, cuddly, licky rat. We miss him a lot.

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