Wednesday, 22 August 2012

My new favourite meal

I haven't got any finished crafty projects to show off today, so here's a quick update on life in general this week:

We decided to stop buying meat, mostly to save money but I'm pleased because of the animal welfare reasons too. It's created a challenge thinking of meat free meals to cook, but my weekly shop had some interesting things:
 My new favourite meal is chickpea and veg curry - all you need to do is cook a chopped onion, a couple of cloves of chopped garlic, some cauliflower florets, a diced sweet potato and a diced butternut squash, add some curry paste (I bought mine but you could make it if you wanted), add a tin of coconut milk, a tin of chickpeas and a handful of spinach and cook it all till the veg is cooked through, then eat with rice or naan bread. Omnomnom!

I got my partner for the Random End of Summer Swap this week, this swap is a little scary as it is completely down to people and their partners what they make for each other. I’m only at the planning stage for this one but I’m looking forward to getting started.

The weather has been a little insane, poor Misty got caught in a storm yesterday:

And I'll have some new furry additions to our family to introduce soon.

I'm off to get some crafting done now, so I'll have something more exciting than a pile of veg and a damp rabbit to show you!

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