Sunday, 29 April 2012

Very excited!

I’ve got a lovely new toy...
...and I can use it to make lovely things!

For those of you who are interested it’s a Janome TXL607, it does over 200 stitches and has an alphabet stitch as well; this is a huge improvement on my old sewing machine which does either straight or zigzag stitch, very, very fast (the speed control is rather broken). In defence of my old machine it has had a long sewing life, as it’s 35years old and belonged to my Mum until she got a shiny new one. It’ll be going back to her house to enjoy it’s retirement.
I was all set to get the next model down as it was £100 cheaper than this one, then I noticed last week that this model was reduced in price and came with a free quilting kit – bargain!

I’ll be spending my day off tomorrow having a play with all the things this machine can do, I can’t wait!

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