Saturday, 5 May 2012

Bits and bobs box bag

I’ve had a chance to play with my new sewing machine now, the amount of stitches to choose between blows my mind, it does leaves and snowflakes and pretty swirly patterns. I also made this little box bag using some fat quarters that have been sat in my sewing box for months.   

It’s the perfect size to hold all the knitting bits and bobs that I can never find when I need them:

I used this tutorial. It’s not perfect but not a bad first attempt at sewing in a zip either. I also discovered that the sewing machine has a button that you can press that sews a locking stitch, and a button that cuts the thread, it’s pure luxury having a machine that does all the work for me. Now if only it dealt with all the ends left over from sewing something together! 

I’ll have another finished object (or two if you count them separately) to show you in a couple of days when I finish knitting my new slippers.

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