Monday, 14 May 2012

A crafty weekend

This weekend I’ve finally finished this blanket:

It was originally intended as my Grandma’s christmas present for last christmas, but lack of time and lack of working sewing machine delayed me a bit. Since I’m going to visit my Grandparents this week I thought I should probably finish it off and take it with me. It’s patchwork made from a bundle of fat 8ths I bought a couple of years ago, with some pink and beige plain fabrics. There weren’t quite enough squares of any colours so I just laid them all out on the floor till it looked like all the colours were evenly spread and then sewed them together. It’s not quilted, there’s no wadding but it is backed with some lovely soft fleece.

I like the appearance tying quilts gives so I thought I’d do tying with a twist – instead of one tiny stitch and tying on the front, I’ve done cross stitches and tied on the back. I love the appearance of the cross stitches and they hide the places where my amateur patchwork skills meant that I didn’t quite match the corners up!

I’ve also been dying some cotton canvas black to make Ben a bag, and I finally figured out that horrible hat pattern and the hat is now officially a Work In Progress.  It’s my first attempt at using DPNs so I’ll have to wait and see if it turns out ok. I’m so glad right now that babies have small heads so it’ll be a fairly quick knit! It does look very small so far though, how big are babies heads anyway? I hope it'll fit!

Since I’m going away for a few days I need a knitting project or 2 to take with me. I’ll have 3 ½ hours each way on the train, and 2 days sat around at my Grandparent’s house since Grandma can't get out and about any more. So This week I went to my local yarn store and stocked up:

The blue is a lovely soft 100% cotton which will be a stripy baby cardigan, and if there’s any left over there will be matching bootees. The purple and grey are merino wool and will be made into a jumper for me, or rather it will be if I can get the right size circular needles - it appears that nowhere in the entire city of York has and 3.75mm 60cm circs in stock. Grr!

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